Fortnite Leaks Suggest A New Mythic Weapon Called ‘Mystique’s Dual Auto Pistols’

Still Fortnite is one of the most played games Now, enjoyed by a Variety of players around all playable platforms. Fortnite has turned into among the most used games of all time, and it has become a prominent part of pop culture. A game receiving this amount of fame usually has its drawbacks –escapes of this content for the following season. Fortnite leaks are incredibly famous and widely shared with players on gaming forums. Fortnite has had an extremely recent leak which shows the possibility of a brand new mythic weapon Fortnite aimbot cheat for PS4.

Fortnite Leaks: New Mythic Weapon

According to various threads, the newest addition into this Mythic weapons is going to be Mystique’s Dual Auto Pistols. Mystique will be the only character from the Marvel Roster at Fortnite Season 4 which does not have their very own legendary weapon or ability. Mystique comes with an emote that lets the player to transform into another character, but this will not help in dealing any injury to the competitors. Marvel Details such as Venom and Black Panther have also obtained their own legendary skills, except for Mystique.

A person who goes by the name of Mang0e_ on Twitter is In charge of this escape. Mang0e_ tweeted,”Mystique comes with a Mythic weapon at the works. It’s called”Mystique’s Double Auto Pistols”, and it seems that she will use 2 machine pistols, or double Uzi’s. The firearms might have similar stats to the P90’s Epic variant. It resembles the equipment pistols will likely be from the game!”

Fortnite leaker claims Season 4 to be based on Marvel superhero

Accordingto the person, the Newest legendary weapon is just two Automated machine pistols or two Uzis. This weapon had been leaked a year before, but never managed to get into the match. Players are assuming that this will be enough time when the weapon finally makes an appearance in the game as Mystique’s own legendary weapon.

Still another reputed leaker and data miner Hypex had their Inputs to the most recent flow. Hypextweeted,”More affects which I came across, some pistols were marginally nerfed, also this *UNRELEASED* weapon was nerfed too: Older Damage: 20, 21, 22 and the Latest Damage: 15, 16, 17 Fire Rate and Spread: 14& 0.25, 14 & 0.25, 14 & 0.25.”

The weapon appears very like Epic’s P-90 weapon. However, the Dual-wielding ability adds an additional punch into the damage output. Here are the stats that are predicted for the newest epic weapon,’Mystique’s Dual Auto Pistols’:

  • Damage: 20
  • Firing Rate: 10
  • Clip Size: 40
  • Bullets each Shoot: Inch
  • Reload Time: 3.13